This is the Cathedral Parish of the Diocese of St. Mark the Evangelist, situated in the City of Polokwane, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Mission Statement:

Christ Church Cathedral strives to be a Church of excellence and resource to the Diocese of St. Mark the Evangelist providing kingdom ministry and sanctuary to the city through active participation of all parishioners.


Christ Church Cathedral: in the city, for the city.

December Holiday Church Services

Sunday 10 December 2017 - 08h00

Sunday 17 December 2017 - 08h00

Sunday 24 December 2017 - 08h00

Sunday 24 December 2017 - 23h00 (Christmas Eve)

Monday 25 December 2017 - 08h00 (Christmas Day)

Sunday 31 December 2017 - 08h00

Sunday 07 January 2018 - 08h00

Sunday 14 January 2018 - 08h00 


Puno 2017

Puno took place on the 26th November 2017 at a combined service starting at 08h00.

Families were encouraged to to contribute R 1 000.00 per working member.

The Annual Golf Day

The 4th Annual Golf day took place on the 20th October 2017

Thank you for your support, it was greatly appreciated.

Details concerning the 2018 Golf Day will be published as soon as possible.


Save the Date! Anglican's Ablaze 2018


AA 2018



Our Current Bible Study Program

The Wednesday Evening Teaching (see diary) has completed the Freedom in Christ Course.

There will be no further evening teaching for the duration of this year.

Please follow the diary to see when we begin again;which currently is planned for Lent 2018.


ANGLICAN ‘YOUTH UNDER CONSTRUCTION’: Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Fifty youth from 4 parishes of Kopanong Archdeaconry in the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, Limpopo, had a conference on 22 July at St Matthews, Seshego. Our Archdeaconry Chaplain, Thabang gave a presentation on human trafficking. It was very insightful and emotional.

Human trafficking is the 2nd largest crime in the world: approximately 450 000 people are trafficked in Africa every year, children as young as 4 become sex workers, domestic workers from other countries are exploited, and it generates an income of $32 Billion a year. It is in fact a form of slavery. Those being trafficked lose their identity and dignity in the process. They are emotionally and physically abused and introduced to drugs and prostitution.

We were given examples as to how one could be lured into this hideous crime: false adverts, getting lifts (hitch hiking), and sharing too much information and befriending people we don’t know on social media. We discussed ideas for what to do in their parishes to raise awareness of this crime: creating a social media group, making a video and taking pictures with messages against human trafficking, doing plays and presentations in church on a Sunday and perhaps finding a victim /survivor to share their story.

A lot of people think that this is not a serious offense because it is not happening to them personally or because it is hardly spoken about, but the youth now realise how serious it is. We thank the committee for their commitment so that this ministry can grow from strength to strength.

The youth also took time to give back to the community. Food donations were made to St Matthew’s homework club, as the ladies running this programme are funding this from their own pockets.

Submitted by Sheena Pereira


Parish Roll

Please fill in a form that are at the back of the church to register yourself and your family so that we can update your particulars on the Parish Roll. Please note that it is very important to do this exercise. Fill out one form for each member of the family.

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Worshippers commemorate St Manche Masemola

St Manch Masemola

Over 5 000 congregants and members of the clergy of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa recently gathered at the grave of Manche Masemola in the deep rural parts of Ga-Marishane Village to commemorate and celebrate her life.
Masemola is one of ten 20th century martyrs whose statues grace the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey in London.
Koketso Masrishane, member of the Ga-Marishane congregation said the church’s Calendar of Saints marks the annual commemoration of the life and sainthood of Masemola on the first Sunday of February.
Elaborating on the background of the event, Marishane stated that Anglicans began to visit the gravesite from as early 1935.
Masemola, a teenager at the time of her death on 2 February 1928, was murdered by her parents for going against their will and preparing to be baptised in the Anglican Church. She was declared a martyr within ten years of her death. Her mother converted to Christianity in 1969 and was baptised.
“In Westminster Abbey a structure dating to at least the 15th century with ten empty niches set among sculptures of saints and allegorical figures like Mary, Truth, Righteousness and Peace, was designated to honour martyrs of the 20th century. So far, only two Africans are recognised and acknowledged there, Masemola and Janani Luwum, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda.

Source: Polokwane Observer.Story: Herbert Rachuene



Preaching Themes and Changes to Service Times

For more information on the preaching themes for 2017 and changes to our normal service times please refer to the page on service information




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