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Photo by Bosveld Review Polokwane

Sandra van der Merwe and Eunice Meiring from Limpopo Toyota handout beanies to unemployed people at Christ Church Cathedral


POLOKWANE – As part of Mandela Day activities, members of the Limpopo Toyota Knights donated 67 beanies to needy people last Thursday.Sandra van der Merwe, financial and insurance manager at Toyota, said they started to knit the beanies around May and it took them about an hour and a half to knit one beanie.Eunice Meiring, administrator at Toyota, said they knitted the beanies for a good cause.

“I’m happy it will make a difference, especially in this cold weather,” she said.

Pastor James Kwenaita of Christ Church Cathedral, which has a soup kitchen for the needy, said the soup kitchen had been running for 13 years.

“We feed more than 50 mouths every Monday to Thursday. I don’t want to see anyone go to bed hungry,” he said.

Kwenaita appealed for help with donations such as perishable food and vegetables, so they could continue to feed those in need.

He advised people to say the Lord’s prayer every morning.

“You must seek guidance from God regardless of the situation you are in. God will never leave you nor forsake you,” he added.

One of the beneficiaries, Boys Mukwevho said he was grateful to those who extended a warm hand.

“I pray that God blesses the people who always reach out to us,” he said.

(Source: Review news paper)