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Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders in Faith

A safe place where we engage, empower, and inspire the young hearts of our community, fostering a vibrant connection with God and each other.

Sunday School

Planting Seeds of Faith, Cultivating Hearts

A place where children’s imaginations meet God’s love, creating a foundation of faith that grows through joyful learning and exploration.

Mother's Union

Embracing Motherhood, Strengthening Families

Uniting mothers in a bond of faith, this ministry shares wisdom, support, and a caring touch that uplifts families within our congregation.

Anglican Women's Fellowship

Empowering Women, Enriching Faith

A circle of strength, celebrating womanhood and faith, while engaging in meaningful dialogue, service, and spiritual growth.

Anglican Mens fellowship

Strengthening Faith, Community, and Service

The Anglican Men’s Fellowship Ministry is a vibrant community of faith-driven men dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, building meaningful connections, and serving others with unwavering commitment.